Our company was founded on a basic principle — there is a solution to the world’s problems. Winston Kao is the son of the inventor of the Chinese teletype, and the grandson of one of the most innovative merchants in pre-Revolution China. Growing up in Taiwan and the United States Mr. Kao learned the problem solving and persistence of his father combined with an education in Western business and technology.

Having experienced serious water problems in multiple developing nations over several decades, Mr. Kao made restoring our planet’s water supply his life’s work.

Starting on a small scale, with a number of experiments, modifications, further discoveries, difficulties, failures, additional trials, improvements, and developments, the technology continued to grow and improve.

One of the first steps taken to improve the world’s water quality was the development of advanced household and commercial water filters that remove contaminants no other system can while preserving the minerals and salts vital to life. Sales of these systems have increased over time, and the proceeds from these water filters have funded the research and development of our other water cleaning technologies.

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Our second step was to develop a system of water and soil cleaning technologies that would not rely on chemicals.

Within the next decade, we will change the quality of the world's water and soil.

Man has managed to conquer the land, sea, air and even outer space, but he hasn't conquered one of the major side-effects of these conquests: pollution.

Environmental Rescue Alliance was founded to do something about this, to allow Man to flourish technologically and economically while cleaning up after himself.

Natural solutions exist to solve artificially created problems. We offer access to those solutions to caring organizations which wish to restore and to nurture the Earth.

Our Story | Environmental Rescue Alliance